Our Aims

jpgAIDS orphans are children who lost at least one parent due to AIDS. By financing charitable projects in Central China we aim at supporting their reintegration into the society. In more detail, we

- facilitate access to education,

- support trainings in knowledge and skills,

- finance psychological and medical care,

- advocate against discrimination and stigmatisation of AIDS orphans, and

- finance income-generating measures, thus facilitating, among others, a healthier nutrition and maintaining a longer well-being of people infected with HIV.

AIDS orphans have experienced great misery. After having witnesses the long and agonizing death of their parents, their own future is at stake. Our support for selected projects aims at preventing the children from falling through the social net and into bitter poverty. The children grow up to become socially integrated, mentally healthy people that enjoy a proper education and have thus the chance to be on their own and build up a normal life.