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jpgSmall donations for big jumps...

Seemingly very small amounts already have a big impact in the poor northern parts of Anhui. Five to ten Euro can be enough to keep a child in school and to support its family's livelihood.

We are very happy about long-term supporters who give us a fixed amount of money every month, because in this way we can calculate our donation income and how many children we can support in the long term. We don't want to take new children into the support programme because of one-time donations and have to tell them after a while that the money isn't there to support them any longer... Most of our supporters and active members support us with monthly donations between three and twenty Euro.

But of course we are happy about one-time donations as well. We use these to finance projects to improve the situation of the children in our villages in general - renovating schools, building activity centers, educating teachers, peers and volunteers on HIV/AIDS and more... (visit -> Our Projects for more information)



If you would like to permanently support us, we would be happy if you could fill in this donor's form and send it to:

AIDS-Waisenhilfe China e.V.
Ostasiatisches Seminar der Universität zu Köln
50931 Köln, Germany

If you would like to donate directly via internet please click on the button below:


Or donate directly to our account  via bank transfer:

To „AIDS-Waisenhilfe China e.V.“
Account No.: 8008400
BLZ: 37020500
"Bank für Sozialwirtschaft"

IBAN: DE46370205000008008400