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Friday, 21 September 2018
AIDS Orphans Aid China

The "AIDS-Waisenhilfe China e.V." incorporated society supports AIDS orphans in the People's Republic of China by means of cooperation with select on-site partners. Read more about us here.

Children are severely affected

jpgIn the mid-1990s, some rural areas of China witnessed the rise and spread of HIV caused by the practice of entrepreneurs buying blood donations from farmers without ensuring minimum safety standards. Subsequently, up to 60 per cent of village dwellers fell ill, mostly women and men earning income for their families. Many of them have died of AIDS already.

Children are amongst the most severely affected group; though mostly not infected with HIV themselves, they are often left alone after their parents’ deaths, unable to make a living or afford school.

“I try not to think about myself since I know I won’t be cured. But at night I can’t sleep – I have nightmares and wild thoughts – worrying about what will happen to the kids.”

- AIDS patient, Henan province (source: New York Times, August 25, 2002)

In order to confront this unbearable situation, the "AIDS-Waisenhilfe China e.V." (AIDS Orphans Aid China) was founded in 2004. Read more about us...

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