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Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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jpgOur project partners in China are the grassroots organisation Pu Gong Ying in Anhui, the local Women's Association and the local education authorities. Pu Gong Ying, an organisation that deals mainly with anti-stigmatization campaigns for the handicapped, was recommended to us by our former partner until December 2008, the international child aid organization Save the Children.

Save the Children together with members from our charity residing in China took care of handing over the project to Pu Gong Ying during the first quarter of 2009. Starting from the second quarter Pu Gong Ying has taken over full responsibility for the money transfer to the children.

Visits by several of our members, including a four week stay by two members in September 2009, have assured us of the caring and responsible treatment of the children by the Pu Gong Ying staff members.

The Women’s Association and the education bureau of Jieshou county have stayed on as our main official partner. The Women's association has as key objectives the care for orphans, widows and the elderly in addition to social work in rural areas. It provides our projects with both local knowledge on conditions in the individual villages as well as dedicated cooperation on shared goals.

Personnel of both organizations run our projects on location with our consultation. Pu Gong Ying is responsible for controlling the finances, provides us with detailed reports and devises further project proposals. A contract regulates the exact assignment of tasks.  

Our common projects:

Currently, we cover the living expenses (including tuition fees) of more than 170 AIDS-orphans. At least one of their parents died from AIDS or is currently dying of AIDS and can't provide an income and care for the children anymore. For bureaucratic reasons only few of these children are provided with government-funded support and those that are not are therefore especially in need of our help. Most children receive 100 RMB (10 Euro) per month, which covers all living expenses as well as school tuition fees.

In 2009 we transferred a little over 26.000 Euro to China for the support of the children, the local office and additional projects.

Read some of the children’s stories on how they can continue to go to school with our help and have renewed hope to lead a fulfilling life.

In addition, we finance measures to improve the social and educational environment of our children and their peers:

- We  financed a first Child Centre in 2008 and are currently working to finance a second one in an especially afflicted village to provide the parentless children with after-school care, homework assistance, games and books, and to integrate them systematically with other children of their age group.
Read more under Projects – Child Centres.

- In 2007 and 2008, we financed several training courses for civil servants, teachers, social workers and volunteers working to improve the children’s living situation and chances in general.
Read more under Projects – Training Courses.

jpg- In the summer of 2006, we made 3,000 Euros available to a school that many of our children attend. The money was used to purchase badly needed tables and chairs and to renovate badly run-down sanitary facilities.

- In the first phase of our work, we also financed several smaller projects in a destitute village highly affected by AIDS in the North of Anhui, complementing the activities of Save the Children. The projects were mainly focused on financing income-generating measures by providing small loans to families affected by AIDS. With our help, some families were able to buy cattle, pigs or chickens. One bought a bicycle with trailer and opened a small transport service, while others pooled together and laid the foundation for a small plaster figure factory, (these figures are currently very popular in China). While the loans serve to alleviate the families’ poverty, the more important benefit is an immediate improvent in the child’s food situation. Nutrition plays an important role in HIV-infections and strongly affects the amount of time before the full-blown disease develops. With help of better nutrition, parents can also live longer and be there for their sick children in later years. A committee was formed in the village to supervise and control the usage of the funds. Four of the five committee members are themselves infected with HIV, which contributes to using the funds sensibly. Currently, these small projects continue with the support of Save the Children alone.

Visits on location
Since 2006, members of our organization visited the projects every year on location and appraised our partners’ work, which we found to be very reliable and dedicated.
Read more about visits under Projects – Project Visit April 2007 and Project Visit October 2006. Further reports of visits in 2008 and 2009 are available in German and will be translated shortly.

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