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Saturday, 20 April 2019
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jpgWe support orphans and half-orphans who are in danger of not finishing shool due to poverty. We strongly believe in the value of education and that every child should have access to it. The main part of the supported children has lost one or both parents to Aids, but since it's not always easy to determine the reason for the death of the parents the analysis of the children's need is at the forefront of our principles.

By funding local projects in Central China we aim at supporting the childrens' integration into the society and foster their ability to lead a self-determined, dignified life. In more detail, we aim to

- facilitate access to education by paying school fees and living allowances,

- support trainings in knowledge and skills,

- finance psychological and medical care if it's needed,

- advocate against discrimination and stigmatisation of Aids orphans.

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