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Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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jpgIn addition to the direct financial support of children we are raising money to build and equip Child Centers in the villages in which our children live. In the centers, the children are able to spend time in after-school care, receive help with homework, and the opportunity to play. 

Of special importance in the centers is the reduction of the stigmatization that children affected by AIDS experience from their peers. HIV/AIDS still greatly frightens many people, and children of HIV-positive parents are often being excluded and rejected which leads to additional trauma.

In addition, the Centers can be used as venues for informational events and training, in order to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases like tuberculosis in the villages.

jpgDepending on funding, the addition of a small examination room for regular medical check-ups and treatment is a goal. Our former partner Save the Children has had good experiences with these kinds of Centers in other regions, and we hope that they will provide many children with opportunities and new courage to face life.

As a result of generous donations we have been able to build and open the first child center in April 2008 in the presence of two of our members. In 2009 members from our charity handed over several boxes full of new books to the center which were eagerly received by a large group of children. In 2012 we were able to finance a second center in another village. This center was already visited by one of our members and has been well received by the children and community.

Background regarding the usage of donations: We are focusing on financing the living expenses and tuition fees of children who lost their parents to AIDS. To this end, we are grateful for long-term monthly donations in the form of standing orders or direct debit. It would be terrible to raise a child’s hope and then not be able to continue supporting him or her. A part of the individual donations that we receive also goes towards projects in the children’s immediate environment, including school renovation and training for teachers and social workers to deal with cases of HIV-infection.


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