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Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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jpgThe children that we support do not receive government help because their parents died of AIDS without a valid test result. Some of them live with relatives, others completely alone.
Without parents, they can often no longer afford to go to school.

(Since HIV/AIDS is still very much stigmatized in China, to protect the children we do not show recognizable pictures of them or their relatives, nor do we publish their last names or exact place of residence.)

Picture: Girl happily holding one of the 100 donated teddybears we sent to the children. 


Chengcheng is 13 year old, but because of malnutrition he resembles a nine-year-old. He attends fifth grade in the elementary school. His mother died of AIDS many years ago, his father had already left the family when Chengcheng was little. After some inquiries his father could be located recently, but he himself lives under such difficult circumstances that he cannot support his children. Chengcheng and his older sister have been living with their grandmother since the death of their mother. They are very attached to her, and she gives them love and family bonds. However, she is disabled and cannot help with work or the household. Thus, the two children are more caring for her than the other way around. They are responsible for the household – cooking, washing and cleaning – and try at the same time to continue going to school. Chengcheng had always been excellent in school but the financial and mental pressure weighed heavy on him and impaired his concentration at school. At the same time, he was constantly questioning how long he would be able to continue going to school at all.
Since October 2005, Chengcheng has been receiving 100 RMB a month through our project. His family’s situation has already improved markedly and it means much to Chengcheng that he can go to school without worries now, and that he contributes to the family’s livelihood.


Qianli ist 12 years old. His parents both died of AIDS, leaving behind only his grandfather and a cousin who also lives with his grandfather. After the death of his parents Qianli stopped talking. Because money was scarce he only started going to school at the age of eight, and since then he was slowly been opening up. Although still not talking a lot, he is at least sometimes smiling again and has also discovered a passion: On very thin paper he writes mirror-imaged characters. By holding the paper against the sun, he can check if he wrote them correctly. His grandfather is grateful that our monthly allowance of 100 RMB ensures Qianli’s schooling and hopes that he will be able to deal with his trauma and turn into a happy teenager.


Zhongfa and Aman

Zhongfa, 11, and Aman, 12, have both lost their parents to AIDS. The two live with two additional “siblings” in the first family unit that we financed. Aman, whose parents died when she was just one year old, had lived with relatives that hardly cared for her. She did not speak and was obviously very unhappy. When her grandfather – living in dire circumstances himself and unable to taker her in – heard of the new house with “parents”, he immediately asked for her to be admitted. Since then, Aman has livened up. While she still does not talk much , she has made great progress in school, laughs and gave us pictures she painted herself when we came to visit. The four kids in the family unit receive 50 RMB a month as additional support for books, exercise books, pens and once in a while something to wear. The “parents”, a married couple of two teachers, receive a remuneration of 300 RMB and take loving care of the children.

Picture: Zhongfa and Aman at their school which we helped to renovate. 


Guangxiang is 14. His parents are both infected with HIV, and the boy is disabled – he can walk only with difficulty. His sick father is taking care of Guangxiang, his eleven-year-old sister, and their aged grandmother by himself because Guangxiang’s mother is trying to earn money out of town as long as she can. The family lives in dire poverty, and the parents do not know what will become of the children when they die.
Our monthly allowance of 100 RMB helps the family cope, and enables the little sister to go to school. With the help of our donation, the family was able for the first time to buy a wheelchair for Guangxing.



Zuying is 12 years old. Her mother probably died of AIDS. She lives in poverty with her grandparents. They grow enough crops to stay alive but make less than 50 Euros a year. Quote from a letter we received from Zuying:
“My father was not quite right in the head; I don’t know where he is. My mother died. Thus, both my parents left me. I am not that good in school yet, but I will work very hard. Trust me, I will not disappoint you and be successful in life.” 

Picture: zuying's letter to us. 

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